A 3D exploration of a subtly dystopian surveillance tech-fueled future. I only ended up building the model for this (in Blender) and didn't transform it into a web app (as I'd originally planned).

I wanted to incorporate warnings drawn from (very much ongoing and non-futuristic) stories such as this and this. I use the word "subtle/y" not because I think this kind of world is not-quite-dystopian, but because its dystopian qualities seem underrecognized (as of now). If you end up taking this model (or the general idea) further, please let me know — I would love to see! (Or if you want to collaborate on this — to be honest, I dropped this project because I anticipated a lot of overhead / time dedicated to learning 3D that I don't have right now.)

Github Repo with Blender model


Room with red, green and blue color scheme; bed, electronic plant, robo-cat, screens, VR headset, chair and glass desk

Another angle of the room: facing desk